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Watersports Evolution

The amount of time we spend on the water has increased thanks to Hydrofoiling technology, also known as Foiling. Previously unaccessible / unsurfable waves are now within everyone’s reach. 

Existing watersports also evolved rapidly into new disciplines such as:

Surf Foiling

Surf Foiling ..aka Prone Foiling

The direct progression from surfing where you paddle onto a wave and pop onto the board, just like surfing. Then the Surfer guides the board just above the surface and rides the undercurrent, not necessarily the face. Half a foot waves can produce rides up to 1km. A new avenue is emmerging called Downwind Prone Foiling .. to ride endless open swell. n


Kitefoiling ..aka Kite Foiling

A Foil board travels over the surface propelled by a kite. This sport combines Kitesurfing and Hydrofoiling.

Wing Foiling

WING Foiling ..aka Wingding, Ding ..

Adding a Kite-style Wing and removing the need for a bar and lines quickly evolved to the fastest emmerging and most popular of all Foiling sports currently.

Windsurf Foiling

Windsurf rig on a Foil board ..

SUP Foiling

Get a Foil board, add a paddle and ride away ..


eFOIL ..aka Electric Hydrofoil

The next stage in evolution was to motorize Foiling. Nicholas Leason created the eFoil by adding a 48v battery, an ESC and remote control. His company LIFTFOILS is the World's leader in innovation and product manufacture. I am proud to say I own the first eFoil that came out of the factory in April 1018.

coach / ceo / EFOIL DOCTOR

Head Coach - Vasco (V) Vellez

My name is Vasco Vellez. I have been Hydrofoiling since October 2013 and love it with a passion. I started Kitefoiling way before anyone on the Gold Coast, then SUP Foil and now Wingfoil as well. My first eFoil, model 5'0 Sport, is my pride and joy. Handcrafted by Nicholas Leason from, the undisputable inventor of eFoiling, commissioned with a custom metalic one-of-a-kind paint job that earned its name "Cherry Ferrari" - It has never failed me. Laird Hamilton, Kai Lenny and I were on the VIP list so we received our boards on the last week of April 2018. The Cherry was the first eFoil in Australia and is still my wave go-to board of choice.

Two-Way Communication


We conduct our lessons on Liftfoils Electric Hydrofoils - no emissions, no pollution, no carbon footprint.
Learning to Foil usually takes just one, a 90 minute lesson. Refresher packages are available for a more in-depth experience. A minimum level of fitness is required - maximum weight 105 kgs. Private lessons from $300.00
More affordable packs are available for 2, 3 & 5 sessions/people. We are also a sales agent for, a partnership of many years that assures our clients support so they remain satisfied customers. Get in touch and join the revolution of waterports.

Hydrodogs Foil and Wing with Vasco Vellez


My Boys .. FOIL the King and WING the Captain of the Hydrodogs