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An eFoil, also known as an electric hydrofoil, is a watercraft that uses a motor and battery to lift itself out of the water and glide over the surface. The unique design of an eFoil involves several key components that work together to create the incredible experience of flying over water.

Liftfoils electric Hydrofoil callouts


The motor is the primary component that provides the power needed to lift the board out of the water and maintain a steady pace. It is typically an electric motor that is water-resistant and capable of producing a high amount of torque.


The battery provides the energy to power the motor and is an essential component for the eFoil to function. The battery should be high-capacity, rechargeable, and water-resistant to ensure a safe and long-lasting ride.

Liftfoils E4 Battery angle 






The hydrofoil is the portion of the eFoil that extends below the water’s surface and provides lift. The shape and design of the hydrofoil play a crucial role in determining the stability, speed, and efficiency of the Electric foil board.



Control System



The control system is the component that allows the rider to control the eFoil. This typically includes a remote control and an on-board computer system that regulates the speed and direction of the Electric foil.



Liftfoils Hand Controller, Remote






The board is the portion of the eFoil that the rider stands on. It is typically made from lightweight, durable materials and should be designed for stability and comfort.



4ft2in BlueTilt Liftfoils E4 board 


Each component of an eFoil plays a crucial role in the overall functioning and performance of the watercraft. From the motor to the board, all components must be carefully selected and designed to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for the rider.