Please let us know via email if you have any additional queries.

Can anyone take Foil lessons?

Yes, within reason. No previous board sports expererience is necessary.
A normal level of movement and average fitness is sufficient. You will need to move from lying down to your knees and stand up easily, no special skill is required in advance, weight limit 105 kgs for an adult.
Kids older than 12, parental authorization and presence is required however.

I am a kiter and I want to kitefoil. How will eFoiling help?

eFoiling is Foiling on a powered vessel. The skills required for every variation of the sport are very similar. During an eFoil lesson you will learn the ‘feeling’ of Foiling and then the translation to your desired sport will be invaluable.

eFoiling is the perfect base for Kitefoiling, SUP Foiling, Windfoiling (Wing) and the purest of them all – Surf Foiling.

I have never surfed or kited. eFoiling looks cool though so I’d like to try it out. Can I still learn it in 1 hour?

I have taught people who weren’t into watersports and they were all riding within the hour. As long as you can swim and aren’t afraid of a couple of spills

How long are the lessons?

Lessons are a maximum of 1 hour. Further time can be allocated if needed, cost highly reduced for extensions. No one has taken longer than 30 minutes to Foil, Surfers will do it in 10-12 minutes 🙂
Lessons include a comprehensive safety and techincal components, on land / water instruction and knowledge of Foiling in general.

What do I need to bring?

Only items for personal use: togs, towel, sunscreen, potentially a top / wetsuit if it is a bit chilly etc.
We comply with Marine Safety requirements and have helmet and PFD (personal floating device) as well a 2-way radio communication system for constant instruction and feedback.

Where do you teach?

Our lessons are on the Gold Coast, in flat water areas such as Currumbin / Broadwater and some areas of the Nerang River. Location varies depending on conditions.