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All About eFoils - The School of Foiling

eFoils, also known as electric hydrofoils, are a unique and innovative watercraft that have taken the world by storm. But with so many questions surrounding this new technology, it can be hard to know what to expect. Here’s some of our Frequently Asked Questions.. 

An eFoil is similar to a surfboard and works by using a motor and battery to lift itself out of the water and glide over the surface – this is called FOILING.
The motor provides the power to lift the eFoil out of the water and maintain a steady pace, while the battery provides the energy to power the motor. The unique shape of the hydrofoil provides lift, helping the eFoil stay aloft and glide over the water. Scroll down for components description..

An eFoil works by using a motor and battery to lift itself out of the water and glide over the surface, the motor provides the power to the eFoil to maintain a steady pace, while the battery provides the energy to power the motor.
The unique shape of the hydrofoil wings provide lift, helping the eFoil glide above the surface.

  • eFoils are the safest craft to learn to Foil
  • There is no boat or ropes to pull you
  • eFoils create no wake or disturb the surface
  • You control the speed

The best way to learn is by booking a Basic Skills or Advanced Lesson at the eFoilgc School of Foiling – Book here.

We teach on electric hydrofoils eFoils as they are undoubtedly the safest and fastest way to learn to Foil. 
Our Coach is the most experienced eFoil /  Kitefoiler and Wing Foiler on the GC with more than 30 years of sports teaching and more than 10 years in Foiling Sports.

Almost anyone can learn to Foil from 10 to 78 years young.  Visit our Video Gallery

A minumum level of mobility is required, but no more than regular day-to-day fitness is necessary.
Any mobility restrictions will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Nope, you don’t need to be an Olympic swimmer to eFoil! Basic swimming skills are handy for safety, but as long as you’re comfortable in the water and have a life jacket on, you’re good to go – your instructor is side-by-side on his board next to you all the way.
The eFoil is all about the thrill above the waves! 🏄‍♂️

Minimum age is 8 but we will assess each participant depending on physical ability.  Video

Children 12 to 17 are required to have a parent or guardian present.


Yes. We support What Disability Foundation and cater for different physical abilities on a case by case basis. 
Please check what some of our memebers have been up to  – Here 

Yes, at your responsibility and after signing our waver.

We suggest contacting your GP to seek guidance. 

Usually 120 kg will be the board’s top end, assessed individually.


A Basic Skills lesson is 90 minutes.
An Advanced Ocean lesson may last between 60 to 120 minutes depending on conditions and participant level and fitness. 


At the beautiful and pristine Currumbin Basin on the Southern Gold Coast.

Advanced Ocean lessons are at different locations on the GC, based on conditions.

We provide Helmet and Protection / Flotation vest.
We advise to bring a wet top / wetsuit, specially for the winter months.

Yes, always. Our students safety and comfort is paramount.
We teach on a protected area so the Basic Skills classes are more flexible, but Ocean and Advaanced classes are dependent on conditions.


Yes. Our lessons are on the water near a grassy area where everyone can come and cheer you on.

Yes.  We will provide you some photos of your lesson.
If you wish Video of the complete lesson you may purchase our video package – Here 

In conclusion:

eFoils are a truly innovative and exciting watercraft that offer a unique and thrilling experience on the water. Whether you’re looking for a new way to explore waterways, cruise along the coast, or enjoy the open water, an eFoil may be the perfect choice for you. Just be sure to keep in mind the cost and availability, as well as the need for practice and safety measures, when considering an eFoil. Overall, with their eco-friendly design and unique riding experience, eFoils are a promising addition to the world of watercrafts.

As eFoils continue to evolve and become more widely available, it will be interesting to see how they continue to shape the future of recreational water activities. Whether you’re a seasoned watercraft enthusiast or a newcomer to the sport, an eFoil is sure to provide a thrilling and unforgettable experience. So why not give it a try and see what all the excitement is about?

Liftfoils electric Hydrofoil callouts

Motor (Propulsion)

The motor is the primary component that provides the power needed to lift the board out of the water and maintain a steady pace. It is typically an electric motor that is water-resistant and capable of producing a high amount of torque.


The battery provides the energy to power the motor and is an essential component for the eFoil to function. The battery should be high-capacity, rechargeable, and water-resistant to ensure a safe and long-lasting ride.

Liftfoils E4 Battery angle 


The hydrofoil is the portion of the eFoil that extends below the water’s surface and provides lift. The shape and design of the hydrofoil play a crucial role in determining the stability, speed, and efficiency of the Electric foil board.

Control System

The control system is the component that allows the rider to control the eFoil. This typically includes a remote control and an on-board computer system that regulates the speed and direction of the Electric foil.

Liftfoils Hand Controller, Remote


The board is the portion of the eFoil that the rider stands on. It is typically made from lightweight, durable materials and should be designed for stability and comfort.

Liftfoils electric Hydrofoil callouts


Each component of an eFoil plays a crucial role in the overall functioning and performance of the watercraft. From the motor to the board, all components must be carefully selected and designed to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for the rider.