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Cloud9 Surffoils Wingfoil and Surffoil Boards
Cloud9 Surffoils Mobile Wingfoil Board
Cloud9 Surffoils SLE - Wind Wing

The best thing to happen to WINGFOILING

Light weight & advanced profile doesn't describe the SILVER LINING EDITION.
Our ECOPAK method of production delivering an environmental concious build process which respects the ecological challenges the planet currently faces. The SLE combines our newest advanced profile shape with the most durable fabric yet with to deliver previously unequaled performance and durability.

HOOKIPA - the lightest and strongest fabric in the market to date.
15 times stronger than steel -
2 times lighter than carbon -
Waterproof .. and it floats -

From our test riders:

"Best wing ever, WOW"
"Got any more prototype sizes?"
"No, you can't have this one back"

Cloud9 Design Features

V3, all time favorite - Design Features

Featherweight construction and perfectly balanced for easy handling for maximum performance. A highly efficient Foil Wing profile and slight V-shaped canopy increase the overall stiffness, giving you a highly responsive Wind Foiling Wing with power on demand.
Kept clean and simple on the strut, with three stiff, yet extremely comfortable wide banded handles, giving a direct transfer of power from the rider input into the Wing Foil. We also have one handle on the leading edge for complete depower.

Cloud9 no window

No Window? The low down

The window adds a lot of unnecessary weight, tends to get brittle and also fog up over time. They also give you a sense of security for an 'all clear'. There are too many blind spots when trying to peek through a tiny little window. We decided that if we keep the wing super light, you can briefly raise the wing above your head to get the 'all clear.