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Your eFoil is a powerful and complex well built machine that requires care and maintenance to keep it operating at peak performance. However, accidents happen that will require specialized repairs. 

I have owned and operated Lift eFoils in Australia since 2018, pioneering it’s inception through my business eFoilGC right here on the Gold Coast.  In April 2018 I received my first and favourite board, a red 5’0 Sport aka Cherry Ferrari – she was the first board off the Liftfoils factory floor, I use it every day.  History  .. 

I can service and repair all Lift efoils and carry out service , maintenance and most repairs to all foil brands that are no longer under warranty.

On top of being your efoil Doctor I also do lessons & handle Liftfoils sales of all their products – visit our eStore here. Plus I also have a great range of refurbished pre-loved efoils at amazing prices to help get you into the efoil arena – visit our Marketplace.

I have a local pick up and drop off facility, with online service and feedback to answer all your questions & keep you up to date . All mechanical maintenance is done on my Gold Coast workshop, nothing is sent away for 3rd party repair.

Your efoil is a big investment and like any marine craft needs care & maintenance. Even if you’ve had a year of trouble free running a care & preventive maintenance check up could potentially save you $1,000’s of dollars .

Give the efoil doctor a call or drop me an inquiry online to keep you on the water longer .

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Motor (propulsion unit)

  • Performance 

  • Seals

  • Oil levels 

  • Bearings 


  • Health check and power delivery
  •  software updates.

eBox (ESC)

  • Seal integrity
  • Software updates


Wireless Controller

  • Connectivity
  • Software updates
  • Battery replacement (remote)


  • Hatch integrity check and seal replacement
  • Repairs and polish


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