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THE EFOIL DOCTOR ... Repairs & Maintenance


Your Electric Hydrofoil (eFoil) 

Your powered Hydrofoil is a substantial investment and as such requires maintenance and care.
Electric Hydrofoils are a combination of the latest electronic technology, Bluetooth communication, Central Processing Units and Battery Management Systems. This is combined with a full Carbon Board, the best in the world.

Even if you’ve had months of trouble-free enjoyment, accidents do happen. Repairs will require specialized service. A mechanical check-up could potentially save you $1,000’s of dollars.


Under Warranty

We service and repair all Liftfoils models and carry out service on boards, electric and mechanical motors, as well as remotes and software updates during warranty.

Out of Warranty

We recondition and repair all the equipment after warranty:

  • Software Updates
  • Motor reconditioning and oil changes (if required)
  • Remotes: trigger replacement, batteries check, connectivity issues
  • Hatch seal check and replacement

Australia Wide

eFoilgc workshop has a local pick up and drop off facility in Miami, Gold Coast.
We also accept equipment interstate by courier.
All mechanical maintenance and repairs are done on our Gold Coast workshop.


Online Assistance

We are here 24/7 by email and only too happy to provide assistance and feedback via online and phone and feedback to answer all your questions.


Qualified and Experienced Staff – Vasco Vellez

Vasco Vellez, our eFoil Doctor started Foiling in 2013.
He founded and operated eFoilgc in Australia in 2020, pioneering the introduction of Liftfoils and eFoiling right here on the Gold Coast.
In April 2018 Vasco received his first and still favourite board, a red 5’0 Sport aka Cherry Ferrari – she was the first board off the Liftfoils factory floor. This board it still used every day, 4,5 years later.. History   

On top of being your Foil Doctor he also created The Gold Coast School of Foiling.

eFoilgc handles Liftfoils sales of all their products – visit our eStore here.

In addition to New Sales we also offer a great range of refurbished pre-loved efoils and Surf Foil equipment at greatly reduced prices to help get you into the efoil arena – visit our Marketplace.

Call Us

Give the efoil doctor a call or drop me an inquiry online so we can keep you on the water safe and your machine running in perfect condition.

Motor (propulsion unit)

  • Performance 

  • Seals

  • Oil levels 

  • Bearings 


  • Health check and power delivery
  •  software updates.

eBox (ESC)

  • Seal integrity
  • Software updates


Wireless Controller

  • Connectivity
  • Software updates
  • Battery replacement (remote)


  • Hatch integrity check and seal replacement
  • Repairs and polish


Care and Maintenance video tips