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Lessons and Service
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 26 reviews
bySimon onLessons and Service
Efoil Fun in the Sun

Top morning out at Currumbin Creek. First time put on Efoil with Vasco. Top bloke, great 👍 instructor. Saving my pennies to buy one.

byBen onLessons and Service
heaps of fun

Heaps of fun. Great teacher. Super enthusiastic. Big emphasis on understanding the movements and slow deliberate progression. Up and foiling in no time
Highly recommended

byRobert Dunlop onLessons and Service
Great Family Fun

I had the pleasure of the first lesson with Vasco. We followed this successful session with both my daughters and then my youngest son. Our continued patronage of efoil GC speaks to the unbelievable quality of Vasco and his lessons. Vasco could not be more caring, enthusiastic, helpful and encouraging. He gives you the time, the equipment is fantastic and to have him give you gentle instructions through the two way radio set up is really helpful. We loved every minute of this and will be back over the coming weeks to get the rest of the family as certified foilers.

byNevil King onLessons and Service

Vasco had my 11yr old son up and riding in less than 20 min. He inspires confidence in his students.

byPaul Noonan onLessons and Service
first lesson

First lesson with Vasco . Up and foiling within minutes . Perfect day with the perfect instructor , I got all the information I needed before getting in the water then with the help of the helmet microphone Vasco guided me through all the steps to get foiling easily in my first lesson . cant wait until my next session .

byJosh onLessons and Service

Epic morning with Vasco and the crew learning efoil!!
Vasco is a super enthusiastic supportive teacher and pumped on giving you the best possible experience and maximising your stoke! His attention to detail and safety is absolutely top notch, and the equipment is state of the art.
Vasco has a way of teaching that systematically progresses you from lying down all the way up to standing above the water. I had an absolute blast, the feeling of floating above the water is magical!
Highly recommended for anyone who wants to try something new that will leave you grinning like a monkey for the rest of the day 🙂

byKristen onLessons and Service

Vasco is the best teacher you could ask for when trying something so new. He is encouraging and positive, pushing you to achieve but also supporting you to do things in your own time. Thanks again.

byMark Saul onLessons and Service
So much fun and a good workout too!

So I was going up with my brother to the Gold Coast and I am a kite surfer have a kitefoil board that I never got up on cause I go to big (150kg) well I lost 50kg and said I want go foil again so knowing I was heading up I contacted eFoilGC.com and Vasco with his big personality said come on up I’ll get'ya both up first lesson. I thought ok we are on! And we were and it was amazing, and we did get up and cool first lesson Vasco uses radios and he’s there to help you the whole way! Was a great time for us both and the day was perfect! So much so I bought an Efoil straight after the lesson! Go up and do something different and you will not regret it! Thanks Vasco!!!

byRae onLessons and Service
LOVED every moment

Wow. Absolutely LOVED eFoiling. Couldn’t stop smiling the entire time (even when I fell). I highly recommend this experience for EVERYONE and cannot wait to do this again. Vasco is a wonderful and patient instructor who guides you through every step. He encourages and supports you and cheers just as loudly as you do when you are up and eFoiling .Thank you so much for the most amazing experience.

byjono onLessons and Service
It’s a walk in the park with Vasco

After a year of giving Vasco shit about foiling I finally took the plunge, I jumped on a flight for for a weekend foiling on the GC.
Thanks to Vasco 5-10 mins on the water was all it took to learn to eFoil and then it was all about the glide, sightseeing from an efoil & riding swell for the rest of the weekend.....such an awesome feeling!

byRaff Velardo onLessons and Service
Experience Flying on water !

What an incredible experience it is to literally hover above the water on an eFoil. Once you have lift off and you’re foiling the pure bliss of effortlessly gliding around on the eFoil will have you hooked and wanting more ! Vasco has a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to foiling, his expert guidance, passion and chilled out nature ensures a safe and memorable experience. He will guide you every step of the way so that you feel safe, comfortable and experience the incredible sensation that is so unique to foiling.
Thanks Vasco for for your professionalism, guidance and motivation. An amazing experience I want to replicate again and again !

byChrissy Kay onLessons and Service
A ball LOL

eFoiling is so much fun. You will not only feel like but look like a Pro if you listen to Vascoes great instructions. Go VV, can't wait to get out there again, this time on your red foil. Thanks 🙂

byBen Sutton onLessons and Service
Anyone can do this!

This is for anyone, flat water e-foiling is great, you don’t need waves, don’t need a boat and can do on almost any body of water. I have seen Vasco get all types of customers with all different skill levels and experience up and going in under an hour. He is supportive and enthusiastic and a great instructor and I highly recommend him.

byRichard onLessons and Service
Awesome fun!

This is an absolutely amazing experience!
If you want to learn how to fly above water, Vasko is your man, he s excellent teacher, very patient and attentive to your progress!
I will be back for more!

byGrant Wellington onLessons and Service
eFoil Ride

So much fun, I had the best time. Vasco, you are such a great teacher, you made it so easy. I really enjoyed myself.
Grant Wellington

byDavid De Witt onLessons and Service
Efoil Lessons

Vasco is a pioneer in efoiling and a great guy that makes any involvement fun! Tech savvy with the latest gear. He guarantees you will go from ‘Zero to Hero’ in no time!

byRob Pirie onLessons and Service
Just Awesome

Such a great way to learn to foil and do much fun , learn in clear smooth calm water and when you get better even venture into the ocean. Vasco has a wealth of knowledge in all genres of foiling and was the foiling pioneer on the Gold Coast . The gear is first rate and Vasco is so professional. Throughly recommend to anyone thinking about giving it a go.

byMatt Green onLessons and Service
eFoil ride

Efoiling foiling is great fun, very easy to get the hang of it under Vasco's guidance.. Highly recommended for a beginner, to the advanced foiler🤙

byJames Fletcher onLessons and Service
eFoiling Zoom-Zoom

Vasco’s a great teacher, I was up and foiling in 20mins. His instant feedback using the helmets is essential!

byJorgen Van Seters onLessons and Service

Vasco took me to currumbin creek and got me riding the e foil within half an hour. I thought I could fly great experience. We call Vasco the foil king

byJames Grundy onLessons and Service
Pro eFoil ride

I had a lesson with Vasco on the efoil and thoroughly recommend it. He gives an in-depth class on safety and how to ride and has the best gear. I was up in no time and flying around with a grin! This is the best and easiest way to learn to foil.

byRobert Simpson onLessons and Service
Yeah Man, love it

Vasco .. thank you so much for the eFoil lesson last Saturday. It amde my transition to the SupFoil so much easier. It was a lot of fun too.
Thank, Simo

byKaren Whitcroft onLessons and Service
Now I want more LOL

Enjoyed the thrill of learning to eFoil with ease. Vasco's care in conveying precise instructions made for an exilarating lesson and experience.
Cant wait to do it again..
Highly recommended !!!

byNadine Lafleur onLessons and Service
Super Happy !!!

After months of umming and ahring, I finally took the plunge and earnt to eFoil with Vasco. And it only took 20 minutes before I was up and gliding above the water. Oh what a feeling!! I could not stop smiling for the rest of the day!
Vasco was professional and the instruction via 2 way radio was super helfpful. He was so excited to see me get up and gave a high five on the way past. A truly unique and brilliant experience.

byMelissa onLessons and Service
Great day on the water!

I had a great and successful experience learning how to eFoil. The teacher was very informative and safe. He gave excellent step by step directions, that made it easy to learn. It was a lot of fun, and I highly recommend giving it a go!

byChristine Ruland onLessons and Service
Awesome Feeling

Not being a surfer, eFoiling looked a bit dauting. However thanks to Vasco's excellent way of explaining I was up in about 10 minutes.
Awesome feeling gliding effortless above the water 🙂