The amount of time we spend on the water has increased thanks to Hydrofoiling technology, also known as FOILING. Previously unaccessible / unsurfable waves are now within everyone’s reach. 

Existing watersports also evolved rapidly into new disciplines such as


Prone / Tow / Surf Foiling  

       SUP Foiling                                           

                                        Windsurf (Wind) Foiling                         

     Wing Foiling         


NOW is the time to learn to Foil .. on an electric hydrofoil, aka    eFoil

– it’s safe and efficient –
no boat, wind or waves required.




My name is Vasco Vellez. I have been Hydrofoiling since October 2013 and I love it with a passion. I started foiling way before anyone on the Gold Coast with a Kite on a Surfboard Foil aka Kitefoil, then SUP Foil and now Wingfoil.

My first eFoil, model 5’0 Sport, is my pride and joy. Handcrafted by Nicholas Leason from, the undisputable inventor of eFoiling, commissioned with a custom metalic one-of-a-kind paint job that earned its name ‘Cherry Ferrari”  – It has never failed me.

Laird Hamilton, Kai Lenny and I were on the VIP list so we received our boards on the last week of April 2018. The Cherry was the first eFoil in Australia and is still my wave go-to board of choice. 

We are also a sales agent for, a partnership of many years that assures our clients support so they remain satisfied customers. Get in touch and join the revolution of waterports – Foiling.



I have been teaching Foiling in one form or another for over 7 years and I love it with a passion. Being a fitness and sports education coach most of my life I take great pride in passing on my knowledge and experience. The referrals and testimonials on this site clearly show our students satisfaction with our foiling school.

We conduct our lessons on Liftfoils Electric Hydrofoils – no emissions, no pollution – please our FAQ page for eligibility and conditions. A minimum level of fitness is required, Maximum weight 105 kgs.
Learning to Foil usually takes 1 hour lesson. Cheaper refresher options for those who want a more in-depth experience. 

Lessons    $250.00 per person



Photo and video packages on application – You will leave with wonderful memories of the adventure of a lifetime – view our Gallery page









eFoil line up - models and sizes

Meet The Lift E2

The Lift eFoil leverages advances in lithium-battery technology and wireless communication to create an experience that’s a mix of surfing, flying, and deep-powder snowboarding.

The result is a powerful, stable, and responsive ride over any body of water, regardless of the weather conditions.

How Does It Work?

The eFoil uses an advanced lithium-ion battery to power a silent electric motor that’s mounted on an all-carbon-fiber hydrofoil. Controlled by a wireless Bluetooth hand remote, it allows you to ride for over an hour at 25 mph on a two hour charge.

Because the eFoil is all-electric, it emits no emissions or noise, and requires very minimal maintenance, if any. 

EFoil Battery

THE battery is made of custom lithium-ion and is built to endure the impacts of rugged marine environments.

It also:

  • is easily replaceable and rechargeable, with charge times of less than two hours.
  • averages 60-minutes of ride time, depending on rider weight and speed (closer to 90 minutes of ride time is common).

  • easily interchanged and recharged.
  • has a warranty for a year of over 300 charge cycles.

  • is IP68 rugged, waterproof, and fully submersible.
  • is made in the USA, and uses sophisticated components that are designed for safety and performance.

  • weighs 13 kg.

Wireless Hand Controller

Our patented wireless hand remote offers refined throttle control and advanced safety features, all in the palm of your hand
It also:
  • is sealed and completely waterproof (and, yes, it floats).

  • shuts off your board if the trigger is released or if it’s submerged in water.

  • shows you your battery charge levels on its display screen, along with power settings, alerts, and multiple user profiles.

  • has multiple easy to understand settings for sensitivity and power thresholds.

  • uses powerful wireless Bluetooth technology.

  • doesn’t require charging so you have one less thing to worry about.

Rugged, Expert Construction

We’ve been using our products for the decade that we’ve been building them, so we’ve cut no corners when it comes to refinement and fine tuning. Everything we make is created with durability, maneuverability, and seamlessness in mind.
  • Our hydrofoils and boards are built from premium carbon fiber, which offers the perfect flex patterns along with toughness and weight reduction. 

  • Our wings are interchangeable so you can swap out different designs for unlimited flying sensations. 

  • Assembly is clean and simple-  all components can be broken down for transport within minutes.

Care and Maintenance